Monday, May 26, 2008

Paul Walker

Paul Walker, is a managing director at Goldman Sachs. He studied physics at Cornell and later earned his MS and PhD in physics from the University of Illinois.

Constance A. Wheary and Joy Youtz Scholarship at Cornell

Paul Walker and his wife Jennifer Wheary, have demonstrated their appreciation for their Cornell education by endowing a scholarship for first-generation college students.

He emphasizes that both he and his wife owe much of their personal and professional success to their Cornell education and to their families.

"Our access to Cornell gave us a lot of opportunities," says Walker. "When we realized we were capable of making a large gift, we decided to extend to others opportunities that had been extended to us."

The couple funded the Constance A. Wheary and Joy Youtz Scholarship to honor their mothers, who strongly encouraged their pursuit of college and advanced degrees. Wheary, like her two older siblings, is a first-generation college graduate. Their family relied on their father's workingclass wages at a coal company. Both Wheary's and Walker's families emphasized the value of higher education.

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